Creating the World's Most Human-Friendly Worksite
This is KEN ROBOTECH’s mission.
The name of "TOMOROBO©" means that people and robots work together. We strive to realize rewarding construction sites and address the social problem of "shortage of people" by improving productivity and reducing the burden on workers.
Creating New Value that Makes Construction Sites Easier and More Rewarding
reason why

Industry Crisis
Labor shortage is a severe problem.
In Japan, the construction workers are decreasing significantly and there will be a “supply-demand gap” with a shortage of 1.3million workers in 2025.
Source: The MIC, "Labor Force Survey"
Significantly Low
Younger Proportion
A labor shortage for 660,000 people.
Due to the low birthrate and an aging population, the ratio of young people under 30 is extremely low at around 10%.
Source: KEN ROBOTECH's survey based on "Labor Market Analysis Report" by the MHLW
High Turnover Rate
for Young Workers
The turnover rate for workers under 30 in the third year is about 40 %.
The most common reason is "Working hours conditions" (31.8%).
Due to a decrease in the workforce and an aging population, we must rely on foreign trainees.
Source: The MHLW, “Labor Market Analysis Report”
Relying Too Much on
Foreign Trainees
Since foreign trainees will return to their homeland, the labor shortage will not be solved. We also have a problem like a lack of supervisor or executive candidates.
Impact of the Five-day
Week System (2024~)
Due to the labor shortage and the five-day week, the productive time will decrease by 16.7% .
Because labor costs will remain the same, profits will decrease.
how to solve
Business Strategy

KEN ROBOTECH provides labor-saving solutions such as "TOMOROBO© Series." These solutions will free workers from tedious repetitive tasks and increase productivity of construction sites. We strive to promote "work style reform", “create the environment that maximizes workmanship" and realize “the World's Most Human-Friendly Worksite.”
Comprehensive Support
People, Technology
and Structure
KEN ROBOTECH believes that we must promote and accelerate " Creating the World's Most Human-Friendly Worksite" to fundamentally solve the problems of the construction industry. We support you comprehensively, providing not only robots but also the way to implement “Smart Construction with robots” easily and efficiently. We provide tools, know-how, and human resources for using robots, for instance, simulation, manuals, education, and operators.
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