History & Awards
Jul.2013 Established EMO Co., Ltd.
Jun.2016 Started commissioning manufacture of "The J-wire" patented by YANAI TRADING Co., Ltd. in Vietnam and wholesale to YANAI TRADING Co., Ltd.
Jul.2016 Started manufacturing and sales of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water "Clejia"
Jul.2017 Started sales of "V Bar Spacer DK" patented by Miyakojima Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Nov.2018 Applied for a patent for "SELF-PROPELLED ROBOT FOR REBAR BINDING" jointly developed with SUN-S Co., Ltd.
Jun.2019 Increased capital to 5 million yen
Aug.2019 Applied for a patent for "SOKUTESTU Clip", a clip for welding-free rebar unit
Sep.2019 Increased capital to 10 million yen
Changed the company name to "KEN ROBOTECH CORPORATION"
Dec.2019 Opened Tokyo office in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Jan.2020 Started sales of "REBAR TYING TOMOROBO©"
May.2020 Increased capital to 12.475 million yen
Sep.2020 Increased capital to 22.252 million yen
Oct.2020 Started sales of "MASURAKU", a spacer for mask
Dec.2020 Moved Tokyo office to Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Apr.2021 Started sales of "LARGE DIAMETER TYING TOMOROBO©"
Sep.2021 Announced TOMOROBO© operation simulator
Announced a rain cover exclusively for TOMOROBO©
Nov.2021 Relocated head office
Jan.2022 Exhibited at "World of Concrete 2022" in Las Vegas, USA (1/18 ~ 1/20)
Released new official website
Awards & Adoptions
Sep.2020 Participated in "ICC Summit KYOTO 2020 Real Tech Catapult" (by ICC Partners, Inc.)
Dec.2020 Certified in the early frame of "J-TECH STARTUP 2020" (by TX Entrepreneur Partners)
Jan.2021 Representative of Shikoku block in "The 2nd Star ★At Pitch Japan" (by Nikkei Inc.)
Feb.2021 Grand Prize of "The 2nd Kagawa Tech Plan Grand Prix" (by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.)
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