Benefits of Introducing
For Construction Management Companies

Promoting “Smart construction with TOMOROBO©” comes with various benefits like on-site productivity improvement and corporate image enhancement.

Realizes “i-Construction”
by “Smart Construction”

By utilizing "Smart Construction with TOMOROBO© series", companies can more efficiently implement "i-Construction," a recent initiative from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). With this approach, companies can expect to see “more productivity,”“shorter project schedules,” “reduced costs,” “increased safety,” and other improvements. Not to mention, the companies and workers that implement “i-Construction” are often evaluated more favorably by others.



It is recommended by the MLIT that we should aim for drastic productivity improvement in all construction processes( Surveying, Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance and Update)with ICT.
*MLIT= Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

3D surveying(by survey manual using UAV)
Conventional surveying Conventional surveying
3D surveying by UAV (drone etc.) 3D surveying by UAV (drone etc.)

Using ICT equipment (estimation standard for ICT civil engineering)
Conventional method Conventional method
Using ICT equipment Using ICT equipment

Reducing inspection days and paperwork

Source: The MLIT, “Promotion of i-Construction”

Increases Productivity,Revenue and Profits

The MLIT says that “improvement of productivity” is indispensable for the construction industry to play a role in developing infrastructure, ensuring the safety and security of society. And they also recommend that productivity of construction sites should increase by 20% with “i-Construction” before 2025.

Introducing TOMOROBO© series makes it possible to do on-site work efficiently with a smaller number of people and reduced cost. This will also allow companies to reallocate resources to other projects while also avoiding schedule risk. Both of which will greatly contribute to a company’s revenue and profits.

Image of Productivity Improvement

Image of Productivity Improvement Image of Productivity Improvement
Source: The MLIT, “Promotion of i-Construction”

Labor Saving by Utilizing TOMOROBO©

■ In case of 28t simple dirt floor construction

Enhances Corporate Image

In Japan, the "Upper limit on overtime work" will be applied in April 2024. In response, "freeing from simple on-site work" and "reducing working hours" by utilizing the TOMOROBO© series are indispensable efforts.

This can also help grow your company's reputation of “caring about the workers.”

Source: Japan Federation of Construction Contractors

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