Terms of Use

This agreement shall be applied to the use of “KEN ROBOTECH Website” (hereinafter “this website“), operated by KEN ROBOTECH CORPORATION (hereinafter “we”). We will comply with our privacy policy and terms of use according to Japanese law. In using this service, customers are deemed to have agreed to all the following terms and conditions after understanding this.

Article 1 (Use of This Website)

We will continue to provide this website to our customers in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.
By approving this agreement and registering on this website by the prescribed way, ID and password will be issued to customers, and they will be able to purchase products and services on this website.

Article 2 (Change of Registration Details)

If the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. set at the time of registration of this website are changed, customers shall promptly change the registered contents on this website by the prescribed way.

Article 3 (Management of ID and Password)

Customers shall use the registered email address as the ID and the password arbitrarily determined by themselves, and manage the ID and password at their own risk. Even if customers’ ID and password are misused by a third party and cause damage, we will not be liable for any damage caused by it unless there is a reason attributable to us.
If customers become aware that their ID and password are being used illegally by a third party, they shall immediately contact us.

Article 4 (Agreement Regarding the Use of Customers’ Information)

Personal information of our customers will be used within the scope necessary for providing and improving our products and services.
When personal information is used for purposes not specified below, we will state that in advance and obtain the consent of the person.
・Response to customers’ inquiries and document requests
・Execution of customers’ support
・Procedures and contact regarding contracts and orders with customers
・Provision of information about our services to customers.
・Use for our service development, improvement and marketing, etc.
・Analysis of data necessary for improving our media management
・Business request to subcontractor
・Request for information provision on legal grounds
We can use the customers’ information registered on this website for the purpose of providing this service and related purposes.

Article 5 (Orders)

Customers can order the products and services posted on this website using the prescribed way.

Article 6 (Payment)

Customers are required to pay for the products and services purchased on this website by the method described on the “Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law” page. For credit card payment, please print out the receipt from the order history on My Page of this website. In the case of cash on delivery, the cash on delivery receipt issued by the carrier at the time of delivery will be the regular receipt.

Article 7 (Delivery)

1. Products will be delivered through us or a carrier designated by our subcontractor.
2. The delivery address is limited to Japan.
3. The shipping date of the product varies depending on the product, so we will notify customers by email when the delivery date is confirmed after receiving the order.

Article 8 (Cancellation, Return & Exchange)

1. We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for products that have been ordered once.
2. If customers receive products that are different from their orders, or if products were damaged, we will replace them.
However, this is limited to cases where customers contact us within 7 days after the products arrive. When customers contact us, we will inform them how to return the products.
We will send good products as soon as the products arrive from the customers.
In this case, we will bear the shipping cost for the return.
If customers need to replace products immediately, we will consult with them separately, so please contact the seller listed on the “Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.”
3. If we cannot replace the products due to discontinued products etc., we will refund the customers by the prescribed way.

Article 9 (Changes, Interruptions or Terminations of Website)

We may change or add to the contents of this website, or suspend or terminate the service without prior notice to customers. As a result, we shall not be liable for any and all damages incurred by customers.

Article 10 (Refusal of Use)

If customers violate this agreement, do something that causes damage to other customers or us, or do something that we deem inappropriate, we shall refuse their use of this website.

Article 11 (Handling of Information)

Customers shall not use this website for any purpose other than private ones, and shall not infringe the trademark rights, copyrights, or any other rights of us or third parties.

Article 12 (Prohibition of Unauthorized Business Activities)

Customers shall not be able to use this website for the purpose of profit like business activities, except when approved by us.

Article 13 (Change of Terms)

We may change this agreement without the consent of customers, and they shall consent to this in advance.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)

We shall not be liable for any and all customers’ damages caused by the use of this website.

Article 15 (Governing Law & Agreement Jurisdiction)

This agreement is written in Japanese and its governing law is Japanese law. The Takamatsu District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising between customers and us due to or in connection with this website.

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